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Kamen Rider Dragon Knight costume!!


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Although I've wanted to become Onyx since seeing how bad ass he was last spring, my dream came close to being true when I found a kids Dragon Knight costume on Amazon.


Haha so what did I do? I bought the largest kid sized costume I could find, along with the toy dragvisor. When it came in I tried it on anyways (I'm almost 6 feet tall). The bottom of the costume fit me like a girls leggings, and as I tried to fit my arms and shoulders into the rest of the costume I tore it at the seams.


So I went out and bought a plain red long sleeve shirt, some red track pants, and asked my sewing expert step-mom to help me make some modifications. 1 hour later, I had a customized adult version of the dragon knight costume! I uploaded one pic as my photo. I will post links to the other pics I have if you guys wanna see more.


I had one of the best halloweens ever, final venting zombies at party's and freeze venting anyone who said I was a power ranger.


Def. something I'll be wearing again. And maybe one day I will make an Onyx costume from scratch. Hmm... maybe for next year?

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