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  1. Was the quality good and were the episodes cropped to widescreen?
  2. Wishing you Merry Christmas, CHiCA ;-)

  3. Happy Birthday, CHiCA! Hope your big day is wonderful!

  4. Oh,I never saw that.However,everything seems okay here. I'll PM you my email for future contacting.
  5. Phew!Had quite a scare this morning but thank godness WATS is up and running again
  6. Maybe we should get a couple moderators to handle the spam we've been getting lately,I'm just saying though. Admin,what do you think?
  7. Yay!Thank you so much Lynx!! I cannot wait to see what you have in store for WATS!!
  8. Nice to meet you and thanks for sharing your story! Welcome to WATS,enjoy your stay!
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