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  1. Happy birthday dragon flame!!!

  2. Welcome to KRDKSecrets! I, too, think that Chris is my favorite Rider. And better late than never.
  3. Welcome to KRDKSecrets, TheTemperate Storm! And as KRLynx said, better late than never!
  4. Wow...just found out about this from CHiCA. Thank goodness everything's okay. EDIT: Just to point out, white on yellow = squinty eyes >.<
  5. Glad you're still alive :P How've you been?

  6. Dear me...I saw this on Chica's page and I almost freaked out. Hopefully this doesn't happen again.
  7. Boo to glitches and yay for WATS going back up! Hope this won't happen again.
  8. YAY!!! I applaud you, Kamen Rider Lynx! Keep it up!
  9. Haha lol wow. Gotta love Stephen for posting that XD
  10. Yea I agree. This chat was one that no one should have missed. So many interesting topics...lol XD
  11. Hey, looks like we got another new person! Welcome, AllieRX! And yes, I know you from our chats with some of the KRDK cast. Welcome to WATS!
  12. I'll have my questions for her ready by hopefully Thursday.
  13. Hey DK09,

    Sorry about deleting your comment on my profile, but I don't want anyone else to know my name other than those who know already from KamenConnection.

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