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  1. Happy birthday dragon flame!!!

  2. Welcome to KRDKSecrets! I, too, think that Chris is my favorite Rider. And better late than never.
  3. Wish you Merry Christmas. ;-)

  4. Welcome to KRDKSecrets, TheTemperate Storm! And as KRLynx said, better late than never!
  5. Wow...just found out about this from CHiCA. Thank goodness everything's okay. EDIT: Just to point out, white on yellow = squinty eyes >.<
  6. Thank you! ANd uh... heheh ^.^o Happy Belated birthday to you too.

  7. Glad you're still alive :P How've you been?

  8. Dear me...I saw this on Chica's page and I almost freaked out. Hopefully this doesn't happen again.
  9. Boo to glitches and yay for WATS going back up! Hope this won't happen again.
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