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  1. the quality is pretty good. they aren't cropped, but they have an extra border. whoever formatted it didn't do it exactly right. but on my non-widescreen tv it looks just like when it was on TV!
  2. yea sure! if i ever do it i will let you know and make an announcement on here.
  3. have a Kamen Rider-tastic sunday everyone!

  4. no Onyx figure ? one day I scored a Kamen Rider Blank (before Kit contracted with the Dragon and turned red) action figure from Toys R Us. will have to post a pic of that too
  5. the game is awesome. definitely play it if you can!!!
  6. I really wanna make up a shirt with the Dragon logo on it. or jackets like the Ventaran team had, all embroidered with their deck logo... that would be awesome
  7. think i'm gonna start collecting for all 13 Kamen Rider figure arts from the Japanese Ryuki line. saw some at Katsucon last weekend, not bad deals. Dragon Knight survive and Wing Knight survive figures for around $60, and there was a Sting on sale for $35. probably gonna get them one by one, lol. and oh! I found a Wrath figure in my local comic book shop for $3 during the holidays, just $3!!!! gotta post a pic of that for all you guys.
  8. i found a pretty good DVD collection on ebay. all 40 episodes, came in two extra wide DVD cases. the discs are clearly bootlegged, greenish instead of silver and printed labels, but it still works pretty good and is a convenient way to relive the excitement on my TV. i can post pics if anyone wants to see
  9. That's awesome! Especially since he's in survive mode
  10. Anyone know how this compares to the wii game?
  11. Lol I wish they did. I've modded the kid stuff as best I can, but unfortunately my hand is just a little too wide for the dragredder, but the advent cards it came with are awesome!!
  12. thanks for the birthday wish, Lynx :) after a day off, it's back to ventara

  13. i once saw on youtube i surviveOnyx. never knew one existed...

  14. Hey everyone, I'm Jeff. Just found out about this site a few weeks ago... I think it is so cool that someone took an idea from the show and made it a reality. To me Kamen Rider is a special, underground thing to me... sorta like when you like a really good band no one has ever heard of... and having this place to connect with other riders is so awesome! I got into Kamen Rider because of TMNT, mostly. When I started having saturday mornings off from work I made it a weekly tradition to watch new TMNT on CW4kids in the morning. When the trailer was shown for the new Dragon Knight show I was in awe. It looked so awesome, even though I had no idea what it was. Of course it reminded me of power rangers, another childhood favorite, but I could also tell it was much different. Being a martial artist, Tai Chi and Ba Gua (9 Dragon system), I was also drawn into the show because of the realistic fight scenes. So I made an effort to watch Kamen Rider after TMNT and ever since then, I've been hooked. I have a lot of ideas to keep Kamen Rider alive in the US. One thing I'm hoping to do within the next few years is create a new Kamen Rider video game that will allow us to connect online and fight with and against other riders. There is a lot I could say about this but I don't wanna spill out all my ideas to the internet. Also, I am a published author. I wrote "Toolbox for the Mind" (check it out on amazon) and am currently in the process of writing a novel, "Gem Liberato: Love Beyond Life". I was stoked to learn of the new Dragon Knight sequel book coming out, but bummed it would only by in Japanese. So I have contacted my publishing company about this. There is a good chance that they will translate the sequel book into English, and even let me edit it. This should be a lot of fun! When Dragon Knight was canceled I started up a facebook group to help promote the petition to bring it back. That will probably not happen now, but I am glad that Adness is looking to do another American adaptation. The return of the advent master blew my mind! and made the show like 10 times better. The plot was so well written. Commentors on YouTube say Ryuki was better plot wise, but I beg to differ. Dragon Knight's plot was so well done and carried over throughout the entire series; Ryuki seemed to have several plot holes and dead-ends, and they didn't even use all the riders! haha sorry this is so long you guys. On YouTube I'm JeffBrownThe10th, on facebook search for the Jeff Brown with the dragon knight costume
  15. I'd love to see your own created Kamen Riders! post some pics if you can
  16. i look forward to seeing what kamen rider videos you make or have already made!

  17. Although I've wanted to become Onyx since seeing how bad ass he was last spring, my dream came close to being true when I found a kids Dragon Knight costume on Amazon. Haha so what did I do? I bought the largest kid sized costume I could find, along with the toy dragvisor. When it came in I tried it on anyways (I'm almost 6 feet tall). The bottom of the costume fit me like a girls leggings, and as I tried to fit my arms and shoulders into the rest of the costume I tore it at the seams. So I went out and bought a plain red long sleeve shirt, some red track pants, and asked my sewing expert step-mom to help me make some modifications. 1 hour later, I had a customized adult version of the dragon knight costume! I uploaded one pic as my photo. I will post links to the other pics I have if you guys wanna see more. I had one of the best halloweens ever, final venting zombies at party's and freeze venting anyone who said I was a power ranger. Def. something I'll be wearing again. And maybe one day I will make an Onyx costume from scratch. Hmm... maybe for next year?
  18. working on the beginning of a comic book series, Gem Liberato: Dawn of the Tea Infusers. Hoping it feels like a cross between Kamen Rider and Avatar

  19. thanks linx! i'm new to this, but so glad something from the show actually exists! i have some pics of me in my dragon knight halloween costume, i'll post em up for people somehow

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