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  1. the quality is pretty good. they aren't cropped, but they have an extra border. whoever formatted it didn't do it exactly right. but on my non-widescreen tv it looks just like when it was on TV!
  2. yea sure! if i ever do it i will let you know and make an announcement on here.
  3. have a Kamen Rider-tastic sunday everyone!

  4. no Onyx figure ? one day I scored a Kamen Rider Blank (before Kit contracted with the Dragon and turned red) action figure from Toys R Us. will have to post a pic of that too
  5. the game is awesome. definitely play it if you can!!!
  6. I really wanna make up a shirt with the Dragon logo on it. or jackets like the Ventaran team had, all embroidered with their deck logo... that would be awesome
  7. think i'm gonna start collecting for all 13 Kamen Rider figure arts from the Japanese Ryuki line. saw some at Katsucon last weekend, not bad deals. Dragon Knight survive and Wing Knight survive figures for around $60, and there was a Sting on sale for $35. probably gonna get them one by one, lol. and oh! I found a Wrath figure in my local comic book shop for $3 during the holidays, just $3!!!! gotta post a pic of that for all you guys.
  8. i found a pretty good DVD collection on ebay. all 40 episodes, came in two extra wide DVD cases. the discs are clearly bootlegged, greenish instead of silver and printed labels, but it still works pretty good and is a convenient way to relive the excitement on my TV. i can post pics if anyone wants to see
  9. That's awesome! Especially since he's in survive mode
  10. Anyone know how this compares to the wii game?
  11. Lol I wish they did. I've modded the kid stuff as best I can, but unfortunately my hand is just a little too wide for the dragredder, but the advent cards it came with are awesome!!
  12. thanks for the birthday wish, Lynx :) after a day off, it's back to ventara

  13. Happy Birthday, Oem! :)

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