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WATS exclusive - Steve Wang

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What was your favourite part of working on Kamen Rider Dragon Knight?

The entire process of making the show was quite hectic and budgetarily challenging, but fun nonetheless. My favorite part of working on the show was probably the post production. Even though we still had a constant deadline, the process of putting the show together from editing to visual effects to sound and final audio mix was probably the most satisfying because we got the see the finished episodes. The fruits of our labor.


If you could be a Kamen Rider, which would you be?

V3! He's the all time coolest rider ever!


How did you get into writing for TV?

I never wrote for tv until Kamen Rider Dragon Knight. I am mostly a feature film director. I got the job to executive produce KRDK so a big part of that job was to create the stories for the show. We had the help of our head writer/stroy editor Nathan Long, Scott Phillips, Colin Gillis and Jeff Walker.


Did you ever have to sacrifice or significantly alter a storyline in order to fit the Japanese footage?

Yes, that happens all the time. Because we had so little money to make the show, it was important to use as much footage as we could. I wished we could have used more than we did, but we just couldn't get some of it to work in the show.


I’ve read that you had some disagreements with standards and practices over what you were allowed to show in KRDK. Did you win any of those arguments?

Yes, Quite a few actually, We worked with an Executive of the CW name Dana Cluverius. After watching our show, she became a big fan of it so she was very helpful in educating me and my Brother Mike about what we can and can't do on kid's tv. But she also was very accommodating to our creative process. She had always made it clear that she would not interfere with the integrity of our vision and she made true on that. If something had to be cut out, she would let us decide how we want to approach it so we can still work around how we can tell our story the best way we can. Overall for our first time dealing with S&P, we had a great experience.


At one point, there was talk of a second season. Do you think there’s a way that could happen now? Or maybe a movie?

I know Adness is trying to raise money to make another series. It won't be KRDK though. They very much want to keep Kamen Rider alive in the US. It's really up in the air when it will happen. As for a movie, I would love to do one. We already have a KRDK story for the film and it's pretty cool. But whether that will ever see the light of day, I don't really know.


Are you working on anything exciting at the moment?

I will be directing another film with Mark Dacascos (Eubulon) It's a reunion film for us. We did one back in 1996 called Drive. This one is called Man of Action and it's a 3D sci-fi martial arts film. It's going to be a lot of fun. We shoot this summer.


Looking back, is there anything you would have liked to have done differently?

Well, as a filmmaker, you always want to go back and redo certain things that didn't quite work. There were a lot of things I would have like to do differently, but it's too complicated to get into as it was our first show and there were a lot of politics in making the show. The first thing I would do is to change some of the things I 'had' to do to appease my bosses. Some of that stuff didn't work out so well, we knew it wouldn't from the beginning, but we still had to try our best to make it work as well as we could.


What do you think of the Kamen Rider Dragon Knight fan community?

I think it's great that we have so much support and such a dedicated fan-base. I only wished the show was more successful so the fans can actually get the damn DVD box set and other merchandise they so well deserve!


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I just love the fact that he would want to be V3, that guy was a cool rider though. So it sounds like, if they can raise the money that Kamen Rider might follow Power Rangers and start recasting every year and bringing some of the other Riders to the West. Interesting.

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Wow that interview was epic! It was awesome to know that Adness is raising money for another season of Kamen Rider AND that there is a script written for the movie. Hopefully, these both come to light! :) Also, Happy B-Day Steve!

Um,you mean Mike XD

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