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  1. There probably is one somewhere. Hmm... I wonder what the copyright issues would be of me writing a KRDK app for the WP7.
  2. I can vouch for that. I'm impressed with how promptly the registrar dealt with the problem.
  3. The domain for KRDKSecrets is coming up for renewal in a couple of months. I don't plan on renewing it. The site's been fun but, between work and home pressures, I haven't been able to put in the time and effort that it deserves. So I'd like to thank everyone who's been here and taken part in the discussions. If someone would like to continue running this forum, let me know and we'll discuss transferring the registration. Thank you.
  4. I'll bear that in mind. Welcome to the forums. Make yourself at home.
  5. Yes to both. The interview was over the internet. And, yes, I'm English. I'm willing to use American terms and expressions when writing from the perspective of an American character, but I don't compromise my spelling.
  6. I've found some links to places that are selling DVDs. Unfortunately, not my region of DVDs. Volume 1 - region 3. It's a Danish site, but I think the audio format on the DVD is still English. Volume 2 - region 3. As of writing, this one is out of stock due to high demand.
  7. I'm not sure that these things actually work, but it's worth a try. http://www.facebook.com/pages/We-want-a-Season-1-Kamen-Rider-Dragon-Knight-DVD-Set-Release/193494005554?ref=ts Only 139 people on the group at the moment, so it could definitely do with a few more if anyone's going to take it seriously.
  8. Hi, Ocean Knight. Welcome to the forums - make yourself at home. I'm echoing Phycogold: your avatar is amazing.
  9. If they've got a story for the movie ready, it would be an enormous shame for it to never see the light of day. It's nice to know that the creators of the show want to give us more.
  10. What was your favourite part of working on Kamen Rider Dragon Knight? The entire process of making the show was quite hectic and budgetarily challenging, but fun nonetheless. My favorite part of working on the show was probably the post production. Even though we still had a constant deadline, the process of putting the show together from editing to visual effects to sound and final audio mix was probably the most satisfying because we got the see the finished episodes. The fruits of our labor. If you could be a Kamen Rider, which would you be? V3! He's the all time coolest rider ever! How did you get into writing for TV? I never wrote for tv until Kamen Rider Dragon Knight. I am mostly a feature film director. I got the job to executive produce KRDK so a big part of that job was to create the stories for the show. We had the help of our head writer/stroy editor Nathan Long, Scott Phillips, Colin Gillis and Jeff Walker. Did you ever have to sacrifice or significantly alter a storyline in order to fit the Japanese footage? Yes, that happens all the time. Because we had so little money to make the show, it was important to use as much footage as we could. I wished we could have used more than we did, but we just couldn't get some of it to work in the show. I’ve read that you had some disagreements with standards and practices over what you were allowed to show in KRDK. Did you win any of those arguments? Yes, Quite a few actually, We worked with an Executive of the CW name Dana Cluverius. After watching our show, she became a big fan of it so she was very helpful in educating me and my Brother Mike about what we can and can't do on kid's tv. But she also was very accommodating to our creative process. She had always made it clear that she would not interfere with the integrity of our vision and she made true on that. If something had to be cut out, she would let us decide how we want to approach it so we can still work around how we can tell our story the best way we can. Overall for our first time dealing with S&P, we had a great experience. At one point, there was talk of a second season. Do you think there’s a way that could happen now? Or maybe a movie? I know Adness is trying to raise money to make another series. It won't be KRDK though. They very much want to keep Kamen Rider alive in the US. It's really up in the air when it will happen. As for a movie, I would love to do one. We already have a KRDK story for the film and it's pretty cool. But whether that will ever see the light of day, I don't really know. Are you working on anything exciting at the moment? I will be directing another film with Mark Dacascos (Eubulon) It's a reunion film for us. We did one back in 1996 called Drive. This one is called Man of Action and it's a 3D sci-fi martial arts film. It's going to be a lot of fun. We shoot this summer. Looking back, is there anything you would have liked to have done differently? Well, as a filmmaker, you always want to go back and redo certain things that didn't quite work. There were a lot of things I would have like to do differently, but it's too complicated to get into as it was our first show and there were a lot of politics in making the show. The first thing I would do is to change some of the things I 'had' to do to appease my bosses. Some of that stuff didn't work out so well, we knew it wouldn't from the beginning, but we still had to try our best to make it work as well as we could. What do you think of the Kamen Rider Dragon Knight fan community? I think it's great that we have so much support and such a dedicated fan-base. I only wished the show was more successful so the fans can actually get the damn DVD box set and other merchandise they so well deserve!
  11. Given the size of the forum at the moment and the help Catt001 and Phycogold are putting in, I don't think we need any more moderators right now. That will no doubt change as the site grows and I'll bear all your offers in mind. The biggest help the sites needs at the moment is visibility. Please let other fans know about the forums in any way you can so we can get more members here sharing their love of the fandom.
  12. Hello, all! I'd like to extend my welcome to anyone I've not yet spoken (well, typed) to yet. Make yourselves at home and have fun.
  13. How did you first get involved with Kamen Rider Dragon Knight? I had been acting in LA for 8 years when I had a chance to audition for Kamen Rider Dragon knight. Most of the cast changed between the pilot and the main series. Why did you stick with the series? I feel really luck to be kept on from the pilot. I really connected with the Len character, and I would like to think that is the reason they kept me on. Had you heard of Kamen Rider before starting work on this project? I had not been familiar with Kamen rider prior to my audition for the show, but I had always been a huge fan of the genera. I also became a fan of the legacy of the show, and so happy to be a part of the franchise How did you get into martial arts? Martial arts was something I always wanted to do. I loved action and action movies, and I always felt very passionate about the sport. How did you go from martial arts to acting? Acting was another hobby of mine as a kid. I loved doing plays when I was young and when I had a chance to start auditioning for commercials and TV shows, it became a dream of mine to be on TV. What was your favourite part of working on Kamen Rider Dragon Knight? Kamen Rider was really a dream come true. I loved every part of the process from the character work and action scenes to all of the directors, actors and crew I got to work with. Are you anything like Len in real life? A lot of Len's qualities are attributes of mine. I feel a very large sense of discipline in my life and on occasion feel I take things a little too seriously. I am also a leader just like Len is. If you could really be a Kamen Rider, would you want to? I would take on the responsibility. To have a clear sense of purpose in life and to know you are doing good on a global level is something I would be honored to be a part of. Are you working on anything exciting at the moment? I have 2 projects I unfortunately can't talk about, but they are both video game based projects and I can't wait until I can talk about them. How did you find doing the voice work for the Japanese footage? The voice work was not to bad to work with. Watching Ryuki after made me think differently about the scenes, but it was not too hard. You've mentioned elsewhere that the actor that plays Hunt was a friend of yours from martial arts training. Was that how he ended up joining the show? Mike Moh was a friend of mine, and when the directors of the show where looking for good actors that where asian and did martial arts I recommended him and he the he got the part. How important was your martial arts background to getting the job? It's such a big part of Len's character. Was that written in AFTER you auditioned or if it was a requirement for the part? My martial art training helped in getting the part, because they really wanted to see Len fight without using a double. What do you think of the fan community for Kamen Rider Dragon Knight? The Kamen Rider community is a very young community, but I have appreciated their support for the show, and I hope we have a chance to keep growing.
  14. Perhaps you could start by explaining a little more about the job of a stunt double in a show like Kamen Rider. The job of a stunt double on a show like Kamen Rider is to not only keep the actors safe; but to add some skill that the actors either don't have or to match a skill that the actors are unavailable to do because they may be shooting on a different unit simultaneously. Some skills for this show include Martial Arts, Gymnastics, Wire Work, and Motorcycle Riding to name a few. The stunt doubles learn extensive fight choreography that incorporates weapons, and requires agility for climbing, jumping, breaking through walls, falling, flipping, evading, and doing it all in a graceful effortless-looking manner. You’re credited as being a stunt double for Siren. Does that mean you got to wear the Kamen Rider armour? Yes, I did get to wear the Kamen Rider aromour for the Siren character. It was a blast; and adds such a degree of pride knowing that not many people get to wear the armour. And somehow when the full wardrobe is on, the characters' style, and essence comes to life! What was the best thing about working on Kamen Rider Dragon Knight? For me, there were so many wonderful things about working on Kamen Rider Dragon Knight. It's really hard to pick a favorite so I'll list the things that come to mind. Getting to work with such a dedicated, honorable group of individuals coming together to share their respective talents with such integrity was an absolute delight. The stunt coordinator, Dorenda Moore, is not only a friend of mine, but an extremely knowledgeable and talented stuntwoman/stunt coordinator. I always knew that it was a safe set on her watch. It was always amazing to me to learn a fight scene from Yuji Noguchi of Alpha Stunts who was the Action Director and Fight Choreographer. He is an unbelievably skilled martial artist. He's quick, flexible, strong and I swear he must have springs in his legs. I was always impressed and inspired when working with Yuji. There was never a dull moment on Kamen RIder. Even with 16 years of stuntwork under my belt, I was constantly learning and doing new things on the show. I was fortunate to get to work with such creative people. You’ve done stunts on some big name projects. Do you have a favourite of the shows and films you’ve worked on? I can honestly say that I could never choose a "favorite" show or film. Each and every single stunt job has been unique and appreciated. That's what I love about this business: there is no monotony. I get to come to work and play! As a double, does it bother you that people see the main actress instead of you? It doesn't bother me at all that people see the actress instead of me. That's just part of the job. I'm always grateful for work, we get paid really well for what we do, and I've been in the other position as well. I actually had a stunt double for an acting job that I booked. It was a little strange not doing my own stunts; but I got to appreciate the other perspective. Did you always want to do stunt work? As soon as I realized that stunt work was even an option, I knew it was for me. I was a competitive gymnast for 10 years and when the time came to retire, it really saddened me because it was such a part of my identity and my soul's fulfillment. I knew I wanted to continue to perform so I got a manager and started doing commercials. The 1st few jobs I did were stunt doubling and I didn't even know it going into it. I just went to the audition, did a few flips and got the jobs. It wasn't until I was on set and filled out my contracts that I saw the words "Stunt Double" and what a pleasant surprise it was to have fallen into a career so perfect for me! You say that you did a lot of different work on the show. Is there a particular aspect you like best? I love fight scenes the best. The stunt coordinator and fight choreographer always come up with the coolest moves. Having a dance background as well, I compare it to learning and executing a dance. You have to be on the same page as your "opponent/partner" and drama ensues. It's exhilarating! You said you’ve done a lot of gymnastics but had you done much martial arts training? I started training in Martial Arts when I was 19 years old. I got cast as the Pink Power Ranger for Saban's World Tour and they had a wonderful instructor for us named Moritaka Yoshida. I loved the process and it came quite naturally (for the most part) for me given my dance/gymnastics background. However, I was terribly sore for a while learning to focus on using a different set of muscles due to the fact that in dance and gymnastics we're supposed to "turn out" (legs) and "point" our toes/feet; and in martial arts, a great deal of it was "turning in" (legs) and "flexing" (feet). The flexibility and strength work helped a great deal...and I got to learn a new skill which I'd come to use in most of my work. For that I'm so grateful. What do you think of the fan community for Kamen Rider Dragon Knight? The fans are what it's all about! We have no show without them. What a great feeling it is to be a part of something bigger than yourself and that so many people are excited about.
  15. An exclusive interview with Jeff Davis, the actor who played Frank Taylor. What did you like most about working on Kamen Rider Dragon Knight? I liked working on KRDK because I believed we had a great show, I knew the show would appeal to a wide age range. We had something for kids from ages 6 - 16, I think with the right time slot the show would have been a big success. I have two sons of my own and they really enjoyed the show. There was quite a long break between the pilot and the main series, did you think that the show would go ahead? I had always had big hopes for the show, but had started to wonder if it would ever get made. The Wang brothers did a great job with the pilot and had done a creative adaptation of the Japanese show. I think even the true Kamen Rider fans tuned in weekly to see what was going to happen next. I just wish we could have continued with the show, I myself looked forward to seeing where we could go with it. The last 10 episodes were really taking the show to a new level and it was a shame it was cancelled. Were you aware that the “dream Frank” was actually Xaviax when you were playing the part? originally when we first started shooting I was not aware that I was being controlled by Xaviax, we thought that Frank was guiding Kit in someway through Kit's subconsious. As we got into the hospital scenes, it became known that Xaviax was controlling what Frank was saying to Kit. Was it easier or harder than your normal roles to play someone who was unresponsive for a lot of the time? It was different to say the least. I guess it was difficult because Frank was not in a coma, so I had to try to figure out how to play it nonresponsive but awake and aware. I didn't want to let it become cheezy, hopefully it didn't. Most of your scenes were obviously with Stephen Lunsford (Kit) but did you mix much with the rest of the cast when you weren’t in front of the camera? I did, I really enjoyed working with all of the young actors, we had great directors and the Wang Brothers were amazing. I would say that I got a chance to hang with most of the actors and still keep in touch with many of them. Mostly via facebook, but we get together from time to time. We also keep in touch with much of the crew. It was a great experience all around and I think everyone was just having fun and hated to see it end. Did you ever feel you were missing out that you didn’t get to do any action scenes? I did, I ride motorcycles and would love to see Frank riding moto cross in flashback, or maybe even him being a Kamen Rider, or Xaviax brother or something exciting If you could be a Kamen Rider, which would you be? Dragon knight, of course Are you working on anything exciting at the moment? I am currently shooting a series of commercials for Direct TV, just shot one for Dodge Ram and trying to land another tv show. Audition, audition, audition What do you think of the fan community for Kamen Rider Dragon Knight? I think that KRDK has some of the best fans around. We have a great fan following and some really good fan sites and blogs. Once again I have to say, for the fan sake as well as the cast and crew, it is a shame that we aren't going to have another season of the show, The fans need to flood CW 4 Kids and Addness entertainment with e-mails, complaints, support, etc.... let them know that you want more, let them know how many of you support the show and are faithful followers Please join me on Facebook Jf Davis or follow me on twitter at jfdavisactor
  16. This is an exclusive interview by exclamation with David Jakubovic, one of the editors of Kamen Rider Dragon Knight. Perhaps you should start by explaining exactly what your job was as series editor? The editor's job is to receive all of the footage filmed, and put it together into a cohesive, entertaining episode. In the process, you select the best takes, the performances you like best, and as you splice it all together you create a rhythm, hopefully a dynamic and exciting one. How did Kamen Rider Dragon Knight differ from other shows you’ve worked on? KRDK was unique to me because of two things, and both of these are related to the action scenes. The first, is simply the amount of them. We shot 40 episodes. I think I edited something like 25 of them. That's a lot of episodes to begin with - but in every episode, there was a LOT of action, lots of fighting. Fight scenes have always been a fun bonus to me. You edit a film and there's lots of stuff in it, a lot of dialogue, action, this and that, and sometimes there's a fight scene - and those have always been tremendous fun for me to cut, because they're exciting rhythmically and they are musical, in a way. They're just good fun to edit. But on Kamen Rider, there were just so many. The fight scenes just kept coming in! And it was interesting because they became almost second nature after a while, no thinking necessary. The other thing is the use of Japanese footage. This was a very interesting, and strange, challenge. It's strange to use an already edited sequence inside an episode you're creating. Because the editing style of many of them might differ from how I am approaching the following fight scene, yet I cannot change what has already been done. So I would try to make adjustments if I could, so that it feels as seamless as it can, but it wasn't always simple. Is working with existing footage a challenge you’d enjoy taking on again? I am interested in interesting projects. If the project is good and intriguing, then anything is possible. How much did you know about Kamen Rider before starting on the show? Actually I never heard about KR before working on it! I had no idea how huge it was in Japan, and how it had a strong core of fans elsewhere. Every Japanese person I know is very much aware of the show. That was fun to discover. What was the most enjoyable part of working on Kamen Rider Dragon Knight? What makes any project enjoyable is the combination of how interesting, creatively, the work is, and the people you work with. The project itself was loads of fun, especially the action. I love cutting high-energy action, and the fights in Kamen Rider are indeed energetic. It was also nice seeing the special effects come to life. When cutting a film, you tend to be very involved in the special effects process as you see a film through all stages of post production. On this show, however, there was little time for that, since there was a massive workload and I had to just keep editing episodes. Steve Wang, who is himself a very experienced editor, and special-effects master, supervised all the effects. Which made for exciting surprises for me every couple of weeks when I would sit down and watch one of my episodes, suddenly with all the freshly made special effects. In addition, the people on this show have been great to work with. Steve and Mike Wang are delightful to work with, and we had an excellent post-production crew. What was your favourite episode of Kamen Rider Dragon Knight? Was it one you edited? My favorite episodes are any episodes in which Xaviax has a lot of scenes. I find him tremendously entertaining. I really like the episodes with the character Chris Ramirez, the Marine, perhaps because I had asthma as a kid and had some degree of sympathy with him, but I found the actor's portrayal of this character to be warm, sensitive and strong. I also really enjoyed the relationship between Xaviax and Drew Lansing and found it to be very funny at times. A specific favorite episode may have been one of the earlier ones, and if I recall correctly it was number 6, "Kamen Rider Torque," because it had some extra-well-done fight scenes that I remember enjoying very much to edit, same goes for episode 18 in which there's a great fight sequence between the two brothers, and Len, with no Kamen-Rider costumes. Looking back, is there anything you would have done differently? Whenever you edit something, no matter how meticulous you are and how much you liked an edit when it was done, you will always look back at it a while later and see the occasional moment to which you say, "ah, I should have done that differently." I'm pretty sure I watched this on TV and said this to myself every once in a while. It's normal. I can't think of a specific instance now, but certainly this happens. But as it goes with this show, it's only small details which no-one else would care about except for an over-obsessive editor. What are you working on at the moment? Just last week I finished editing a series of live-concerts called "Live From the Artists Den" which was a wonderful experience. I got to edit concerts for Tori Amos, David Gray, and Ringo Starr. Awesome fun. Right now I'm working on a couple of commercials, starting some pilot next week, that sort of thing. And in the meantime I keep trying to finish editing three of my own short films which are sitting on my editing computer, staring at me and saying "edit us!" but it's sometimes tricky to find the time! What do you think of the fan community for Kamen Rider Dragon Knight? The Kamen Rider fan community is great, and it's beautiful to see an excited, enthusiastic fan base for a show. As soon as the show went on the air I was asked to do a live chat with some fans, along with the head-writer and some members of the cast - and I was blown away by how much the fans on this chat all loved the show, and how much they're into it. One of my favorite moments was when I was at Toys R Us in Times Square in New York once, I had gone in to the store to look at the action figure shelf when the KRDK action figures had just come out, and there was a guy there looking at them and picking one out, and he started talking to me abut the show, not even knowing I'd worked on it, said he records it every week. Made me happy.
  17. This forum is for posting interviews with Kamen Rider Dragon Knight cast and crew. Some of the interviews will be exclusive to Way-Above-Top-Secret.com but others will be links to interviews elsewhere. If members find a good interview on another site, feel free to post a link. If you have a question about this forum or if you want to know whether or not this is the right place to post a topic, feel free to reply to this topic and ask.
  18. This forum is for anything to do with the official merchandise of Kamen Rider Dragon Knight. You can use this forum to share links where people can buy the merchandise, ask opinions about gear or share your excitement if you've just bought something. If you have any queries about this forum or if you're not sure if this is the right place to post a particular discussion, please reply to this topic.
  19. Topic moved to the merchandise section. I'm quite jealous of you for these. Like Phycogold, I'm in the UK and there's pretty much nothing over here regarding merchandise for the show. I can't even find DVDs!!!
  20. Yeah, I'm blaming this on Catt as well. It was probably the same video that got me hooked.
  21. If you would like to help out with the running or moderation of KRDKSecrets, please let me know either by replying to this thread or sending me a private message. As the site grows, we're going to need more people moderating the forums to make sure that members are obeying the rules. We'd also be interested in hearing from anyone with experience creating forum skins.
  22. Kamen Rider Dragon Knight - 4 inch figure - American Amazon link Wing Knight - 4 inch figure - American Amazon link Torque - 4 inch figure - American Amazon link Camo - 4 inch figure - American Amazon link Incisor - 4 inch figure - American Amazon link Dragon Knight with bike - American Amazon link Wing Knight with bike - American Amazon link Blank Knight with advent cycle - American Amazon link Dragon Knight action figure - American Amazon link Wing Knight action figure - American Amazon link
  23. American Amazon link. Gamefly.com I've not found a UK purchase link for this yet.
  24. I'm exclamation. I started this forum when I got hooked on KRDK by a friend from the Power Rangers community. When I couldn't find much of a fanbase for the show on the internet, I decided I'd have to build one. I hope you enjoy it. I dabble a bit in music videos but my main passion is writing. I love writing stories, both fanfiction and original. I've been declared evil on many occasions for my tendency to leave people dangling off cliffs at the end of chapters. If you have any problems with the forum or think there's anything that should be added, let me know.
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