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    Kamen Rider Dragon Knight, Kamen Rider Double, Power Rangers, All My Children, Everybody Loves Raymond, King of Queens, The Soup, Chelsea Lately, Jersey Shore, Real Housewives of NJ, E! News, Two and a Half Men, Family Guy, Judge Judy, The View, WWTBAM, Family Feud, Ghost Whisperer, Wife Swap, WWYD?, AFV, Full House, Hell's Kitchen. Shall I continue??? :D
  1. Glad you're still alive :P How've you been?

  2. Wow, that's pretty cool. I wonder if they have adult sizes for the KRDK Costume LOL. just kidding.
  3. "Populer" is actually spelt "popular" ....

  4. LOL thanks! I was bored when I did that :D

  5. I like what you have for your location. Funny! :)

  6. LOL, saw this a while ago when it first came out...It was very funny!! ;D
  7. Well since today was KRDK Day, Kathy stopped by and chatted with some of us. It was so fun! You just had to be there, and sadly most of you weren't. Kathy Christopherson LIVE Chat Interview
  8. YAY! Hey kidTorque!!! Welcome to WATS!!
  9. Check out KamenConnection.com because the interview with Ris Lauren has now been posted!!!
  10. Welcome CycloneJoker, enjoy your stay at WATS
  11. I see that we have two more newcomers: KingdomRider and Aqua Knight. If you're reading this then welcome to WATS! Enjoy your stay.
  12. The questions for Ms. Lauren have just been sent off.
  13. Welcome Magnus and SurviveOnyx. Enjoy your stay here on WATS!
  14. DK09

    Thanks for reading Kamen Riders: Defenders in Space. I saw your comment on one of the threads. :)

  15. Hey everyone. kc1000 from KamenConnection has been in touch with Ris Lauren and was able to set up an interview with her. So the fans of KRDK, it's your time to ask Ris a question! So go to KamenConnection.com and click on the news page and submit your questions!
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