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  1. YO! Welcome aboard this board newcomers.
  2. Nice interview there. The interview is epic and I like it. Man! I hope that KRDK will get a movie green light soon.
  3. Nice meeting you all and welcome aboard.
  4. I am a newcomer when it comes down to this kind of job so I think I would like to take the mantle of being a mod if it is okay with you. After all, I want to try to be a mod once in a while. EDIT: The main reason, I want to kill spam the moment it enters this board. I really hate spam. (Except for this one: http://www.reviewsaurus.com/images/2008/04/spam-food-1.jpg)
  5. Hi all, I am Archzenom from Youtube and Henshin Justice Unlimited. I am aware that you've heard of me already because of those sites and also, I am 20 and an avid tokusatsu lover
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