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WATS exclusive - Matt Mullins


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How did you first get involved with Kamen Rider Dragon Knight?


I had been acting in LA for 8 years when I had a chance to audition for Kamen Rider Dragon knight.


Most of the cast changed between the pilot and the main series. Why did you stick with the series?


I feel really luck to be kept on from the pilot. I really connected with the Len character, and I would like to think that is the reason they kept me on.


Had you heard of Kamen Rider before starting work on this project?


I had not been familiar with Kamen rider prior to my audition for the show, but I had always been a huge fan of the genera. I also became a fan of the legacy of the show, and so happy to be a part of the franchise


How did you get into martial arts?


Martial arts was something I always wanted to do. I loved action and action movies, and I always felt very passionate about the sport.


How did you go from martial arts to acting?


Acting was another hobby of mine as a kid. I loved doing plays when I was young and when I had a chance to start auditioning for commercials and TV shows, it became a dream of mine to be on TV.


What was your favourite part of working on Kamen Rider Dragon Knight?


Kamen Rider was really a dream come true. I loved every part of the process from the character work and action scenes to all of the directors, actors and crew I got to work with.


Are you anything like Len in real life?


A lot of Len's qualities are attributes of mine. I feel a very large sense of discipline in my life and on occasion feel I take things a little too seriously. I am also a leader just like Len is.


If you could really be a Kamen Rider, would you want to?


I would take on the responsibility. To have a clear sense of purpose in life and to know you are doing good on a global level is something I would be honored to be a part of.


Are you working on anything exciting at the moment?


I have 2 projects I unfortunately can't talk about, but they are both video game based projects and I can't wait until I can talk about them.


How did you find doing the voice work for the Japanese footage?


The voice work was not to bad to work with. Watching Ryuki after made me think differently about the scenes, but it was not too hard.


You've mentioned elsewhere that the actor that plays Hunt was a friend of yours from martial arts training. Was that how he ended up joining the show?


Mike Moh was a friend of mine, and when the directors of the show where looking for good actors that where asian and did martial arts I recommended him and he the he got the part.


How important was your martial arts background to getting the job? It's such a big part of Len's character. Was that written in AFTER you auditioned or if it was a requirement for the part?


My martial art training helped in getting the part, because they really wanted to see Len fight without using a double.


What do you think of the fan community for Kamen Rider Dragon Knight?


The Kamen Rider community is a very young community, but I have appreciated their support for the show, and I hope we have a chance to keep growing.

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Did you interview him over the internet? I also note that you are English, because of the way you spell things.

Yes to both. The interview was over the internet.


And, yes, I'm English. I'm willing to use American terms and expressions when writing from the perspective of an American character, but I don't compromise my spelling.

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