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Forum Rules

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General Rules


1. Keep it fun. This is a site to be enjoyed and should be treated as such.


2. No personal attacks or flaming. It can be fun to have a debate with someone who disagrees with your point of view, but discussions should never get personal or turn to insults. Any personal attacks against another forum member will not be tolerated and you will be banned from the forums.


3. No swearing. This site should be open to all ages so please avoid bad language. The only exception to this rule is in the fanfiction forum (see fanfiction rules). If you swear in the forums, you will get a warning.


4. Post threads in the appropriate forum. If you post a thread in the wrong forum, it will get moved by the moderators and you will be informed. If you repeatedly post threads in the wrong places, you will get a warning.


5. Use the search button. Check to see if anyone has posted a thread on the same subject before you post a new one. Moderators reserve the right to merge threads that are very similar. If you repeatedly create duplicate threads, you will get a warning.


6. Use clear English. This site is open to people from all over the world so it’s important to communicate clearly. Please remember the rules of grammar and don’t use text speak. Typos happen to everyone but if you post replies that aren’t easily understood, you will be sent a message. Continuing after the first message will result in a warning. We will be lenient about this if English is not your first language.


7. Signatures are not a right. You’re allowed to put banners and images in your signature, but keep them to a reasonable size. If your signature is too large, you will be informed and asked to change it. Failure to reduce the size will result in a warning.


8. Check whether a thread already exists. If a thread exists for a topic you are discussing, don't create a new one. That's what the search box is here for.


9. If a member of the forum staff asks you to change something about your posts or activities, you are expected to comply. Failure to listen at this stage may result in a warning later.


10. Three strikes and you’re out. If you receive three warnings, you will be banned. That’s three warnings in total, not on any particular subject. So if you receive one warning for swearing in the forums, another for repeatedly posting in the wrong places and a third for not putting a rating on your fanfiction, you will get a ban.


Fanfiction Rules


1. Use the topic description to include a rating of the form G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17. All fanfictions must be appropriately rated. Failure to do so will result in a warning.


2. Add any content warnings to the top of your thread. If your story contains excessive violence, gore, sex or anything else that people might get offended by, start the post with a warning. If you don’t warn your readers, you will receive a warning instead.


3. Swearing in fanfiction is allowed so long as the story has an appropriate warning and you include a warning at the start of the thread.


4. Check your stories for spelling, punctuation and grammar errors. If in doubt, get a beta reader. If you post stories which have serious problems with spelling and grammar, you will be asked to get a beta reader and edit your threads. Continuing to post stories with bad grammar will result in a warning.


5. When posting a fanfiction, leave a blank line between each paragraph. A lot of people struggle to read large blocks of text on a computer screen and this simple bit of formatting makes it much easier for people to read.


6. If you're posting one fanfic, keep it in one thread. Don't create a new thread for each chapter.


Video Rules


1. No explicit content. All videos must be kept clean. Any explicit content will result in a ban.


Art/Image Rules


1. Keep image sizes reasonable. If you want to share wallpapers or other large images, post a link and include a warning about the size in the post.


2. No explicit content. Any explicit images will result in a ban.

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Also, I'll be adding this, since there has been a ridiculous amount of spam on this board lately.


Do not post threads advertising medications anywhere on WATS. I've been giving out unofficial warnings for it at first, but now it'll earn you a warning.


Also, this seems to have become a problem. Let me set this straight. If you post porn, you are going to be banned in every way possible. It does not matter if it is a link, video, etc, you will be banned. End of discussion.

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