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  1. I already submitted my questions,what about you guys?
  2. Great,now to remove that video of me attempting to eat a chocolate bunny
  3. Great interview,I wish we could read the KRDK movie story.Hopefully we can get a movie,I shall support it all the way!!!!
  4. This little thing came all the way from Japan,it was totally worth the wait! Little note:I know there were some 仮面ライダードラゴンナイト exclusives sold at the KRDK Special Event in January,I think this may have been one of the items since the back of the packaging did mention the Event.
  5. Great interview! Plan on interviewing more cast and crew soon?
  6. These are 2 of 3 exclusive items from the KRDK panel at San Diego Comic Con 2009. The other exclusive item is a KRDK t-shirt which I also have
  7. Don't worry,I have an angry mob following me wherever I go
  8. Hahahaha,the poster wasn't that expensive.I was gonna buy the autographed Advent cards from the same seller but I was too late. But I found another seller who sold them but their price was $15 more than the price of the poster but I just had to get them. Because I am coo-coo for Kamen Rider Dragon Knight XD
  9. I got these autographed items from E-Bay.They are both from San Diego Comic Con 2009.
  10. Hello,I am CHiCA Kosaka.I am a very big Kamen Rider Dragon Knight fan.I cannot wait to see what W-A-T-S has in store for us.Until next time,Let's Ride!
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