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  1. I'd love to be a Moderator! I have heaps of time on my hands and I absolutely hate spam. I've been around other forums for at least 5 years. What can I say? I am a grammar and spam Nazi. And don't take that the wrong way. I'm not stuck up or anything.
  2. I'M BACK! So sorry for not coming back on very much, I have had 9 tests within 11 weeks to determine whether I am to be moved up a year!

  3. Happy Birthday! Sorry I haven't been on in ages, and I'm REALLY sorry for not saying happy birthday :( Forgive me?

  4. Great job on The Dark Dragon! I absolutely love it! It's so much better than mine! xD

  5. Yay! I haven't been on here very long, but I am obsessed with it already. I was deeply saddened when I read that Exclamation wasn't going to renew it. But I am happy you took over!
  6. Hey, I know this is random, but I really love your Fanfiction!It's so realistic that I can pretty much seeing it as a second season of Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight! :D

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