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  1. Physically barbecued from the heat.

  2. Thanks for the Birthday wish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Welcome to the forum, dude. Double & Dragon Knight rock!!!
  4. Happy Birthday! Hope it's a good one :)

  5. Welcome to the group, fellow fan of a great Kamen Rider!!!!
  6. Hey, Mike!!!! Glad you joined!!! This is the guy who drew the Ocean Knight pictures for me.
  7. Arigato gozaimasu!!!! It's Kamen Rider Ichigo/1 from "Kamen Rider The First/Next". I'm a huge Kamen Rider Fan. I even have a Kamen Rider forum.
  8. What's up!!! I'm Bobby. I'm a huge fan of the Kamen Rider franchise. Not just Dragon Knight, but the series airing in Japan. I came up with two Riders for Dragon Knight and my very own Kamen Rider of an original series I am currently working on.
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