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    Martial Arts (Especially XMA, Karate, Kobudo and Gong Fu), KRDK, Power Rangers, writing, reading, school

About Me

Guess I'll start with the general things.


My friends have taken up on calling me either Len or Kit (even though I am a female), which is the reason for my nickname. I have no idea why. Though one of my friends pointed out they started calling me Kit because my personality is similiar to Kit's and the reason for calling me Len is because I started with Karate and XMA (Extreme Martial Arts). My real name is Tatyana, but nowadays only people who havn't seen or known me for a long time and my parents call me that XD

I can speak fluently Swiss German, German and English. I also know Japanese and French.


I come from Switzerland and I am in 11th grade. I want to become a martial arts instructor in Karate and XMA. I practised Gong Fu for six years, but I had to stop. First because of a injury and later I didn't have any time because of school.

Other professions I could imagine doing, would be crime scene investigator, pilot or working at the Swiss embassy in Japan.



If you want to know more about me feel free to aks me. I don't bite XD

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