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    Martial Arts (Especially XMA, Karate, Kobudo and Gong Fu), KRDK, Power Rangers, writing, reading, school
  1. Happy Birthday, Len/Kit! :)

  2. Happy Birthday, Len/Kit! :D

  3. Belated Happy Birthday ^^

  4. has been gone for a long time, but now she is back ^^

  5. I know you usually don^t hear Gong Fu. I guess I just had the chance to have a Sifu who told us both versions XD" But I like Gong Fu better, cause I think it just looks better ^^;

  6. Gong Fu. That's one you don't usually hear. I used to take Gong Fu, so I know that it is Kung Fu, but just not in Mandarin.

  7. Thanks for adding me as a friend ^^

  8. Hi ^^ Thanks for adding me as a friend *hugs you*



  9. Hi everyone My nickname is Len/Kit. My friends have taken up on calling me either Len or Kit (even though I am a female), which is the reason for my nickname. I have no idea why. Though one of my friends pointed out they started calling me Kit because my personality is similiar to Kit's and the reason for calling me Len is because I started with Karate and XMA (Extreme Martial Arts). So I started watching KRDK and I immediately loved the show. I am not sure if I agree with my friends on the reasons for calling me Len and Kit ^^; I am usually writing fanfictions, but I sometimes do vids, but I never upload them XD"
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