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  1. Hi!


    I'm TheTemperateStorm, probably better known as Element's Sole Protector on Fanfiction.Net... and I am so very late. Like, 2012 late. XD


    But I have made it at last. Like everyone else that's assembled here, I am a huge Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight fan, and I was heartbroken when the show was canceled. Watching it made my Saturdays for a long time. However, I've recently started writing fanfiction for it--that can be found on my profile, which needs LOOOOVE--because you never outgrow your passion.


    Kit and Len are my favorite characters, so most of my stuff will have them in it. However, Chris does like to sneak in from time to time and steal the spotlight, and I let him because that guy's just win.

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