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    Kamen Rider (duh), Power Rangers, Firefly, Star Trek, Merlin, Primeval, Batman, Supernatural, Glee and so much more. These are just the most recent fandoms
  1. Did they take Merlin off the air? I remember seeing a few episodes of it and loving it but I can't seem to find it.

  2. Well then you can ALL thank 1aurien because it was a video by her that got ME into the fandom. Speaking of introductions... I'm Catt001. Many of you probably recognize me from either PRU or my YouTube account. I'm a vidder/graphic person... and some how I got sucked into this crazy forum board by exclamation.
  3. OOoh! Lucky you. Were they very expensive?
  4. is trying to work all the kinks out of this forum board

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