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  1. Finally finished translating 2 World 1 Hearts YAY!

  2. Wishing you Happy Birthday!

  3. Hopes to see KRDK Day 2014.

  4. Wish you calm Christmas and happy New Year.

  5. I guess it would be with Siren emblem, am I right? :-)
  6. Welcome on board and don't worry. I also think about too much projects in one moment. ;-)
  7. Wishing you Merry Christmas, CHiCA ;-)

  8. Wishing you Merry Christmas. ;-)

  9. Wishing you Merry Christmas. ;-)

  10. Wishing you Merry Christmas. ;-)

  11. Wish you Merry Christmas. ;-)

  12. Wish you Merry Christmas. ;-)

  13. Wish you Merry Christmas, Lynx. ;-)

  14. Happy Birthday. I hope it´s good one.

  15. OK, I got it. I liked the original appearance of WayAboveTopSecret.com, so maybe some dark colors would be good.
  16. really doesn´t like maths.

  17. Welcome. I hope to read a story from you soon. ; - )

    1. TheTemperateStorm


      Thanks so much! Sorry for the late reply, I'm still figuring out how to navigate the system. And thanks for your kind words on One More Day!

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