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Accel Glanzer

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About Me

I haven't said much about myself here. Heck, I haven't said anything about myself at all here. So I might as well tell you all a little about the man called Accel Glanzer.

First, I am a Kamen Rider aficionado. It might shame other people to mention this, but I will admit that my first introduction to Kamen Rider was Saban's Masked Rider. Yes, it was a horrible excuse for a Kamen Rider adaptation and Saban did not seem to know the first thing about the Kamen Rider concept beyond a dude transforming into a bug-eyed suit of armor, but it served its purpose. Years later, in my college days, I was introduced to Kamen Rider Faiz and Kamen Rider Blade, and much awesome quickly resulted. I followed Kamen Rider to the best of my ability, although I particularly liked Kabuto and Kiva, while Den-O took longer for me to warm up to. And then came Kamen Rider Dragon Knight and I was sold!

Aside from Kamen Rider, I am also a fan of Super Sentai and its American derivative Power Rangers, as well as Marvel and DC Comics superheroes like Spider-Man, Batman, Daredevil, the Flash, the X-Men, the Justice League, the Avengers, the Teen Titans, and so on and so forth, along with their various multimedia adaptations. I do enjoy a good spot of manga or anime, with favorites ranging from Naruto to Bleach to Rosario+Vampire to Karas to Blassreiter and more. Sci-fi and fantasy also draw my interest, as you might recognize from the anime titles I've named, but cyberpunk and urban fantasy are my favorite subgenres of science fiction and fantasy, and works I have either read or taken an interest in perusing range from the works of William Gibson (Neuromancer in particular) to The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher and the Hollows series by Kim Harrison.

Interests aside, I'd rather just kick back and hang with people whose company I enjoy. Can't enjoy much without good people to enjoy them with.

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